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October 2012 – After a year and a half of marriage, we decided that it was time to start trying for a baby. We hadn’t originally planned on trying so soon, but we felt very strongly that it was time. We started reading pregnancy and baby websites and were convinced that we would have a little one in no time at all.

October 2013 – We’d reached the one-year mark with no signs of a baby on the horizon, which unofficially initiated us into the club of the infertile. Since about 92% of women in our age range get pregnant within a year of trying, we knew it was time to step up our game. We got more diligent about tracking my cycles, soon started charting my basal body temperature, and figured it would happen any month now. Since we’re both pretty healthy and my cycles have always been more or less regular, we assumed that nothing was wrong and it was just taking a little longer than normal.

March 2014 – Our patience started to run out. I asked my OB-GYN to run some blood tests and other basic infertility testing, including an ultrasound and a semen analysis. All of the results came back normal, so the doc referred us to the only fertility clinic in our city. We didn’t feel ready to take that step, so we decided to continue trying on our own for a while longer.

September 2014 – As we were approaching the two-year mark of actively trying to conceive, we finally felt ready to begin more aggressive infertility treatment. We set up an appointment with a new OB-GYN, who ran more blood work and did an HSG. The HSG was definitely one of the more traumatizing experiences I’ve had. It showed bilateral proximal blockage, which could mean one of two things: my fallopian tubes spasmed during the test (an inconvenience, but not a huge problem) or are completely blocked (making a natural pregnancy impossible). The doc made his apologies and sent us on to the fertility clinic.

October 2014 – Thanks to a small miracle, we were scheduled for a consultation at the fertility clinic within a week of calling for an appointment, bypassing the usual two-month wait. We met with an NP who went over our history and told us that she wanted to repeat the HSG with more drugs, to rule out a tubal spasm. Since HSGs have to be done early in the cycle to ensure they won’t harm a potential pregnancy, we had to wait a few weeks for a new cycle to begin before scheduling a repeat test. We were told that the results of the HSG would let us know what the next steps might be: If my tubes were open, we could move on to medicated cycles. If they were blocked, we could either try a procedure to open them (depending on the cause of the blockage) or be left with IVF as our only option.

October 2014 – The repeat HSG, paired with a dose of Valium and extra pain meds, took place exactly 4 weeks after the first one and showed my tubes clear and wide open. This was great news, but it put us back squarely in the camp of unexplained infertility. The only abnormal result from my comprehensive workup with the fertility clinic was low levels of Vitamin D, which has been shown to be important to fertility, so I began taking supplements. Our tentative plan for moving forward is to take a cycle or two off from treatments to give ourselves a mental health break, then move into a medicated and/or IUI cycle if we don’t get pregnant on our own first.

December 2014 – We had considered starting a treatment cycle, but we have decided to leave things up to God for the time being; we just don’t feel ready for treatments quite yet. We’ll continue trying naturally for a while, and return to the world of infertility treatments once we are ready.

February 2015 – Quite unexpectedly, we got our very first positive pregnancy test. The estimated due date for our miracle baby is October 16.


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